Finding A Cocker Puppy

Cocker spaniels are very popular dogs and you will often see them advertised in local papers.  If several breeds are advertised at the same time it is possible that the advertisers have just bought in the litters from puppy farmers.  The best way to find a puppy is by recommendation.  There are several cocker spaniel breed clubs throughout the country and the secretaries of these will be more than happy to give you some contact numbers.

The Cocker Spaniel Club   Mr Derek Shapland 01793 751102*
The Cocker Spaniel Breed Council Mrs Gill Pearce-Gudger 02476 403 453*
Cheshire Cocker Spaniel Club Miss Doreen Stonier 01625 424343
Cocker Spaniel Club of Lancashire Mrs Debbie Grice 01744 819045*
Cocker Spaniel Club of Scotland Mrs Cath Mason 01356 624838
Coventry Cocker Spaniel Club Mrs Lin Parker 01908 565088*
Devon and Cornwall Cocker Spaniel Society Miss Sally Ellison 01884 881449
East Anglian Cocker Spaniel Society Mrs Linda Crowley 01394 384554*..
East of Scotland Cocker Spaniel Club Mrs Mary Hynd 01383 881967*
Hampshire and Sussex Cocker Spaniel Club Mrs Sarah White 077758603063
Home Counties Cocker Spaniel Club Mr Jonathan Daltrey 01634 364539*
London Cocker Spaniel Society Mrs Sue Warrington 01293774605*
Midland Cocker Spaniel Society Mrs Tanya Lewis 01543 490917*
North Midlands and Eastern Counties Cocker Spaniel Club Mrs  Tracey Sherlock*
North of England Cocker Spaniel Association Mr Mike Wildman 01925 341802
North of Ireland Cocker Spaniel Club Mrs M Kennedy 02897 565691
North Wales Cocker Spaniel Club Miss Anne Hughes 01745 353715
Particolour Cocker Spaniel Club Mrs Gill Pearce-Gudger 02476 403453*
Solid Colours Cocker Spaniel Association Miss Sue Kettle 01268 554619*
Rotherham and District Cocker Spaniel Club Miss Dawn Young 01709 524629*
South Wales and Mon. Cocker Spaniel Club Mr I Hillier 01633 893230
Ulster Cocker Spaniel Club Linda Baillie 02897 562546
West of England Cocker Spaniel Club Mr Tony Watson 01258 857704*
Yorkshire Cocker Spaniel Club Mrs Carol Welch 01439 770793
* Website available.  Most clubs have websites - Google the name of the club

Cocker Rescue National Co-ordinator Mrs Anne Webster 01530 249952

This information is compiled by Coventry Cocker Spaniel Club and is intended to be a brief guide only. The full breed standard is available HERE.